Rides, a tailgate party, and musical entertainment on tap
By David Wilson

Join us on Sunday September 28 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of  Westchester County’s Bike Sundays. For those who want to make a day of it, there will be rides on the parkway and beyond, a tailgate party in the Westchester County Center parking lot, and live music by the lot until 4 pm. (more…)

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In June, Sen. Pat Toomey (Pa.) attacked key funding for trails, walking and biking programs by proposing an amendment to the Preserving America’s Transit and Highways (PATH) Act of 2014 that  would have eliminated the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). Along with groups all across the country, the Bike Walk Alliance called upon its  supporters to contact their U.S. Senators and register their opposition to this amendment.  Thanks to those calls and emails, Sen. Toomey withdrew his amendment. (more…)

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The New York Committee of the East Coast Greenway invites you to join these bicycle rides to see parts of the NY section of its 2900 mile long bike route from Maine to Florida. (more…)

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Once again, our representatives in Washington need to hear from you about the importance of cycling and walking.  Senator Pat Toomey (R – PA) has introduced an amendment (Toomey Amendment 1) to strip funding for the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) which is the principal source of Federal funding for bicycle and pedestrian transportation projects.  Without this funding, states will essentially be mandated to ignore the needs of all road users when planning new transportation projects.   Its important to make sure that our Senators know your views on this subject.  Click here to write to them:

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This month,  from Albany, we have  Good News, then some Bad News, and a chance on February 11 to make a difference.

The good news – on January 15, Governor Cuomo announced the awarding of 67 million dollars for bicycle and pedestrian projects across New York State.

The Bad News –  in his budget presentation, Cuomo offered no dedicated state funding for bike and pedestrian projects in spite of a state wide campaign that resulted in 1300 “post cards” sent to Albany.

You can help change that fate by coming to Albany on February 11, and joining NYers for Active Transportation for their Transportation Advocacy Day. (more…)

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The Post Card Campaign by New Yorkers for Active Transportation (NY4ACT) gathered 1300 post cards from across New York State to ask Governor Cuomo to support the following:

  • $20 million in the 2014-15 state budget specifically dedicated to funding pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure projects, with a minimum additional commitment of $20 million annually over the next five years.
  • Revision of NYSDOT’s Preservation First policy so that it does not exclude new pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure projects and is consistent with the intent of the state’s Complete Streets law. (more…)
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